Seiko musical wall clock from Sams

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Given to me by eldrely couple. It was a Christmas present.

Both have passed which made the clock have sentimal value. Stopped working so took to my local clock repair company who refused to even look at it! Went back to Sams and was given a replacement clock. NOT like the one i wanted.

It was no longer made. Seiko makes a different style and sell for $99.00 ir $100. THEY ONLY HAVE A ONE YEAR WARRANTY! Since no one locally will work on them, i believe these cheap clocks are useless!

BEWARE!!! When i was given this seiko musical wall clock, i thought it would last a lifetime. They are flying off shelves at Sams!

One year goes by very quickly and there is no way to repair or replace it! I believe it is a scam by seiko and wish Sams would stop selling them on the future during Christmastime.

Product or Service Mentioned: Seiko Clock Clock.

Reason of review: Bad quality.



The last 2 clocks I purchased at Sam's at around Christmas have quit working. both years I bought one for me and one for my granddaughter.

Both mine and hers have stopped working. I have some clocks from Seiko that I purchased fourteen years ago that are still working. T hey were much higher priced. Are these clocks sold at Sam's at cheap version of someone else and Seiko put their name on them?.

I love the look of these clocks,but they run about six months. It is embarrassing to give a present like Seiko that only runs a short while.

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